To Love A Duke Chapter 7

Recap:After the wedding, they went home to the Duke's house. Elena came into his room at night and touch his phallus, then he asked her out! Here goes...


Damon had woken up at dawn, he sat on his bed for a while thinking. He didn't sleep well cos of his need for his new wife, his need for her was making him restless. He had never wanted any other woman the way he wants her, yet he cannot have her.

He got up and walked over to  the window looking out at the country, thinking of the best way to handle his present predicament. 

Granted he had never really believed in love but he had expected his marriage to be so much better than what it is right now. Hell he should be able to bed his own wife for fuck's sake!!! 

He called Scott, his burtler and asked him to pack his bags, he went in to wash. He couldn't stay here for another day, being so close to the one you desperately desire, yet he couldn't have her is probably going to drive him mad. 

After wearing his clothes, he went to his writing desk and wrote a small note for his wife, he silently opened the centre door. 

He walked quietly so he wouldn't wake her, he dropped the note on her dresser and went over to the bed to look at her one more time before he left. 

Her raven hair was strewn all over the pillow as she slept, she looks so beautiful, even in the morning. Sometimes he can't believe someone can be this beautiful. 

He bent and touched her smooth face softly, he kissed her tenderly on her lips and her lashes fluttered but she didn't wake up. He felt that need again... he turned and strode out in anger while cussing under his breath, not looking back..

Two hours later...

Elena opened her eyes to find the sun shining on her face, she got up to close the blind and saw the paper on the dresser. Out of curiosity, she went and picked it up and it read..

"My lady, i hope your night was blissful? I've gone to London for a few weeks, i have some important business to handle. I don't know when i will be back, the servants are at your disposal and everything you need is there. Take care till when i get back. Please i beg you, be safe and stay out of trouble while i'm gone! Yours Damon.."

She read the note like three more times, before she finally tore it in shreds and threw it away. Now she's very angry at the duke, she got up from the bed and started pacing while thinking aloud..

"How dare he leave me like this? Does he want to make a mockery of me or what? We've only been married a day and he has already ran away! How dare he abandon me here? Ugh i want to smack him so hard right now!!"

After a minute or so, she was done ranting and raving, she sank down on the bed to sulk and think.

"What I'm I supposed to do here now that he's not here? What if he's going to London to meet his mistress? Could it be Violet? Or is he really going there for business? What will the ton have to say about me when they hear that I couldn't keep a man by my side for just one day? Ugh.. I hate you Damon!"

She heard a knock on the door announcing it's Ruth, her maid. She beckoned her in and Ruth came in smiling, Elena smiled back and said her morning greetings.

Elena saw Ruth's eyes move to the bed, noticing the other side hadn't been slept on but she didn't say a word. Ruth helped her wash and dress in a simple yellow day gown, then they both went downstairs for breakfast.

Elena ate very little cos she didn't have much appetite, not knowing what else to do with her time again, she went to see the Steward, Mr John Paul and for the rest of the morning she went over the books and account of the manor to check if everything was in order and thankfully it  was.

Although at first he was surprised at what the duchess is doing in his office, but he didn't ask questions. He gave her the books she asked for and patiently answered all her questions. And when she was done, she thanked him for a job well done and he beamed his appreciation.

She went inside to see Mrs Jane Edward, the cook. They went through the menus for the week and she got to know the names of some of the servants. She ate lunch alone and by this time she was bored, she's never been alone, all by herself cos her sisters were always there with her.

Now she misses them so much, the tears threatened to spill but she angrily wiped them off the sleeve of her dress. She went up to her room, she banged the door close and removed her day gown. Then she wore one of her riding habits and left the room.

She informed Ruth she was going for a ride, who then offered to escort her but she declined her offer, saying she'll be fine. She was wondering which horse she was going to ride when she got to the stable cos her mare Emerald was at home with her family.

But when she got there, she met the stable boy Henry and told him to saddle a horse for her. He gave her a gaptooth smile and brought out another note for her.. she reluctantly collected it and it read;

         "I know you must be missing her by now, so i brought her for you as a wedding present. Just be careful out there and take an escort with you.. Yours Damon.."

She looked up to see Henry standing in front of her with her mare Emerald. She literally jumped with joy and hugged her as she caressed her soflty... Whispering how much she has missed her. She jumped onto it's back immediately and galloped away after thanking Henry, who beamed at her.

As she was riding, she kept wondering the kind of man the Duke really is, this minute he makes her so mad she wants to spit. The next he'll do something nice to make her smile and forget her anger. She was busy thinking and admiring the field that she didn't notice she had gone deep into the field and far away from the house.

When she finally realized what's happening, she looked around confused. She tried retrace her steps but she couldn't cos she doesn't know which way she just came from. She forced down her fear and jumped down from the horse, she called out to see if anyone was near but all she heard was silence.

And it finally dawned on her that night is fast approaching and she's out here alone in the field, with no clue as to how to get back home. She jumped up onto her horse again and took the direction heading East and came out at another open field with no house or sight of human in sight. A small sob escaped from her throat but she wiped off the tears again, trying to be strong for herself.

She was about to lose hope when she saw a small cabin in the distance, her heart leaped with joy and she galloped over. Maybe help might be there, but as she drew close, she didn't see anyone or anything in sight.

She jumoed down from her horse and called out but no one answered. She took her horse and both of them went inside the cabin. Everywhere was quite dirty and dusty, meaning no one has been here in a while.

She tied her horse on a log of wood she saw there and started looking for a match to start a fire as it's quite cold by this time of the evening. Luckily for her there were woods stacked neatly on the corner of the wall and a match was there too. She opened the tall cupboard and saw some pots, pans, eggs, beans, bacon and milk inside it.

She was taken back but she didn't have time to think where it all came from cos her stomach was beginning to grumble with hunger.

She put the woods together and managed to start a fire going, she smiled to herself. Feeling really proud of herself, being that she has never started a fire before.

She took some water she saw in a big drum, washed the pots, plates and pans, then she made coffee and fried some eggs. She sat and ate it with the bacon and washed it down with the hot coffee.

She washed everything and kept for whomever owns them, she gave her horse some water to drink and gave her some straw she saw there for him to chew.

Then she took the blanket she saw on the cot and laid down and covered herself. Suddenly she jumped down again and bolted the door before she lay down again and within minutes, she slept off in deep slumber.


It was late and Ruth hasn't seen hwr mistress yet, she was worried and went and informed the entire household that the duchess isn't yet back from her ride.

The whole household became worried at once, the butler Scott, sent out search parties to look for her in the fields before he left for London to inform the Duke of what has happened.

Ruth cried all through the night, she couldn't sleep either, she kept blaming herself for letting her go, for not following her even against her wishes. The next day, the search parties hadn't returned, meaning they still haven't found the duchess yet.

By mid afternoon her sisters and grandmother were informed and they all left their home to the Duke's manor to know exactly what's going on. Two days later, the Duke arrived.

He looked dirty and tired but he didn't care about his looks right now, he's just worried about his bride, his wife! He rushed inside the house where he met the constable waiting for him.

DAMON'S POV(Point Of View)

Damon had been at his London masion, drowning his sorrow in a bottle of brandy when his butler arrived. The look on his face was enough to tell Damon something was wromg.

And when he finally told him his wife, the duchess was missing. He couldn't control his rage and his fear, how could they have let her go out on her own when she doesn't even know her way around yet!

But knowing how difficult Elena can be sometimes, he couldn't blame the servants. He had packed immediately and they had left, he had ridden like the wind was chasing him. They had only stopped for an hour or so, so the horses can eat and rest before they continued.

He couldn't sleep, all he could think about is Elena, beautiful, stubborn Elena out there in the field all alone! Why does she have to be so stubborn and careless? I hope she's fine wherever she is! I hope she hasn't been harmed by anything or anyone out there! God please keep her safe, u don't want to lose her!!

Finally he returned home, all the servants look sad like they're in mourning. He rushed inside and saw her family, his friend and the constable. Mirabelle and Annabelle jumped up from their chairs when they saw him enter.

Mirabelle rushed to hug him crying... "Oh Damon! Thank God you're here now, please go find her for us, find her please!"

"I will Mirabelle, I will!" He quietly assured her.

The constable told him of the progress they've been making or lack of it. Damon rushed to his room and changed his cloth, then went to the stables and took another horse, then left the manor in search of his duchess!

[Elena's POV]

Elena has been here for three days now, she hasn't seen or heard from anyone yet. Each morning she'll ride out, not too far from the cabin to see if she'll see someone but to no avail.

She wants to bathe so bad, her hair was all tangled and messed up, the woods and water were all running out and she's also running out of food to eat!

Sometimes She sits and cries for hours, wanting to slap herself for being too damn stubborn for her own good. She shouldn't have come out here all by herself, knowing she's not yet used to the environment!

She should've listened to Damon when he had warned her to be careful! She should've listened to him for once! Now she's here lost, all alone, dirty and hungry for real food.

She miss her good life, she miss her fine clothes and warm bed, she miss her family and yes, she miss him too! Him...Damon! How is that even possible when she hates him? Or does she?...

It was evening of the fifth day, after she had finished eating her beans and coffee. She lay down to sleep when she heard footsteps outside, shw jumped down quietly from the cot and listened again, the footsteps were coming closer.

Not knowing what else to do, she picked up a big log of wood and stood behind the door, waiting for her predator to appear...

Damon had been searching for his wife for close to two days now, no luck yet. He had been wandering, thinking of where to sleep when he had sighted the cabin, he immediately perceived the smell of coffee and walked in the direction.

He didn't see a soul around, so he decided the occupant must be inside. He tied his tired horse outside and walked towards the door.

Just as he pushed the door open and walk in, he heard the sound of something moving, his instinct made him raise his hand.

He shouted in pain when something hard hit him on his arm. Pain radiated all over him and just before he collapsed on the floor, he saw someone that looks like his wife Elena.

Elena was shocked when she heard the intruder's voice, she knew that voice ! She can recognize that voice anywhere! She dropped the wood and went closer to the man now lying down, knocked out cold face down on the floor.

She managed to turn him over and gasped in shock when she saw it was indeed him, her husband, the Duke, Damon!

"Oh God what have i done? Damon? Damon? Can you hear me? Wake up please!! I'm sorry for hitting you!" She called shaking him buy he didn't move a muscle.

She barely managed to drag him inside the cabin, closer to the fire so she can be able to close the door. She used hot water and a piece of cloth to clean up his arm where the wood had pieced his skin, she cleaned it well hoping it won't get infected.

She also cleaned his face and waited for him to wake up, she has never been this happy to see anyone in her life. She curled up close to him and slept off..

Damon woke up with a start, he tried to get up but winced in pain and laid back down. He felt someone beside him and turned slowly to find his wife, his beautiful wife Elena snoring peacefully beside him.

He felt instant joy like never before, he touched her beautiful face and her hair to reassure himself she's real and she is real cos her eyelids fluttered and she opened her eyes.

She lay there in silence for some seconds just staring into each other's eyes. Suddenly she did something so unexpected it left him speechless.

When Elena opened her eyes and saw him staring at her with such intense gaze, she had felt instant relief. Maybe it's cos she's happy to see him or it's her nerves cos before she could stop herself. She took his head in between her hands and kissed him hard, he responded instantly and kissed her back.

She moaned with pleasure and wrapped her hand around his head. He took her arms and lifted her up atop him, wrapping his arms around her as they kisses like both their lives depended on it.

Suddenly he released her, she raised her head to look at him with desire in her eyes and he gave her a surprised look. They were both breathing hard as he said..

"Now that's some welcome! Wife are you trying to seduce me?" He teased her and she knocked him out of his teasing mood when she said..

"Yes husband!  I believe I am infact seducing you..!"

He opened his mouth for some seconds and then closed it slowly..

"Elena are you sure about this? I mean maybe it's the hunger talking..."

She actually smiled at him as she said.. "I'm perfectly fine my lord, can't say that much for you though.."

He laughed out loud... "You do have a powerful swing, gotta give you that!"

Suddenly her expression turned serious again, she shifted slowly on top of him and he groaned soflty. He felt his manhood rising to the occasion and she smiled at him seductively..

He grabbed her head and smashed his lips on hers once again, this time he gave her his all and she likewise. Just then, they heard someone clear his voice in the cabin and they both jerked their heads up to see James, his burtler standing with a embarrassed look on his face.

"I'm sorry my lord, my lady, i didn't mean to interrupt but it's getting late and we have to leave her now cos it's not safe out here for a duke and the duchess..!"

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh... Damon screamed silently in his mind.

"Just excuse us for a minute, we'll join you soon!"

"Yes my lord.." he bowed and left

He lifted Elena's eyes to his and he smiled at her...

"I'm sorry about that..!"

She smiled back at him as she replied... "It's fine, we do have to leave here!"

She started to get up when he grabbed her waist and kissed her hard again.

"Don't think we're through with this.!"

She laughed out loud at his expression.. "I know we're not..!"

She helped him get up as his arm was still paining him, they joined the other servants and went home.

All the way they couldn't takw their eyes off each other, as they kept stealing glances and smiles till they got home. And boy was she glad to get home. She shed tears when she saw her sisters and her grandmother.

They all hugged and cried together, shw hugged Ruth as well and thankes everyone that helped look for her. Oh how glad she is to be home with her husband and family once again. She'll never ever take them all for granted ever again..

They ate dinner and talked about the last five days and all that had happened. An hour later, the Duke got up from his chair and came towards her chair, he took her arms and pulled her up to her feet, he took her lovingly in his arms and faced everyone as he said..

"You all have to excuse us now, i believe the duchess and I are tired and we need to wash and get some rest. Right?"

"Yes..!" Elena replied..

Her sisters and grandmother said their goodnights and behind the Duke's back, they gave her a wink and a thumbs up. She laughed as they both webt upstair hand in hand... And she couldn't help thinking... It's gonna be a longgg night!!

To Be Continued..
Hope y'all enjoyed it? Alright..

Thanks for being here.


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