Ways To Drive HIM Wild..

Hello boos and baes...

How are y'all doing? Hope your weekend is going great yeah? Alright.

So y'all know we always talk about women and our issues, so tonight is for the men...Our men! I saw this post on net and i thought to share it, some of these points are quite hilarious and confusing i tell you. But read on, you might learn a thing or two from it hehehehe

1. Lightly Scratch His Back; Men love when you're a little rough.

2. Gently Bite His Ear When He's Pounding Away; Ever so gently — men have very sensitive ears.

3. Leave A Lipstick Heart On His Mirror; It will remind him of you later, and he'll love trying to clean it off (men love cleaning).Lmaooooooooooo not my own man biko

4. Play Hide And Seek Game; Hide under the bed when he goes to the bathroom then grab his feet when he tries to get back into bed. Men love surprises...hahahhaahahha odiegwu really

5. Whisper Chipotle Burrito; Right when he’s about to orgasm, whisper “Chipotle burrito” in his ear.
Men love Chipotle, and everyone knows the way to a man's heart is through his stomach... Buhahahahha okay i dunnno about the 'Chiptole burrito' sha... I just added it cos i found it super funny

6. Red Lipsticks; Wear red lipstick and leave a trail of kisses to his toaster. Men love when you act all mysterious.

7. Pretend To Be A Mermaid; Wrap just your bottom half in sheets and pretend to be a mermaid.
Make it extremely difficult for him to figure out how to "mate" with you (men love a challenge).lolololololololo

8. Pretend To Be A Chiptole Burrito; Wrap yourself in the blanket and pretend to be a Chipotle burrito.
Scream and cry that he's going to eat you when he gets too close. Men love when you show your vulnerable side and Chipotle burritos. Nawa ooo for this chiptole burrito, wonder working burrito. A must have lol

9. Oh Peanut Butter; Put peanut butter in your bra for a sticky surprise when he goes to touch your breast. Men love breasts(sure thing) hehehe

10. Hide A Toy; Hide a toy car in your vagina for him to find. Men love cars...okay this one is crazy ahahahahaha

11. Chiptole Again; Have his family hide in the closet with Chipotle takeout and jump out and yell “surprise” after you’re finished making love. Men love Chipotle burritos.. Crazy lmfaooo

Please where can i get this Chiptole Burrito abeg? I need am ooooh

Alright here it is, Men get in here!!! Honest guy and the rest make una come yarn us joor lol

Done my research, this is what the Chiptole Burrito looks like. Just like our Shawarma ryt? Lol

Happy Weekend


  1. Lmao Sassy you should've called this post laugh out loud post cos it's super funny!! Wtf is Chipotle Burrito? And where can I get one? Lol
    The other points are cool tho.. Happy Sunday peeps..

  2. Sassy u have home work oo...go and find out wat is Chipotle Burrito!!!!

  3. Hahaha, it's really funny. Thanks anyway, I try and be ready in case any xx chromosome try to use it on me.

  4. Hide a toy car in your poosay?.

    Visi me abeg

  5. Hehehehe like for real???
    This post is crazy funny abeg, the Chipotle burrito killed me mehn.. Sassy do investigate and tell us what and how the Chipotle burrito tastes like biko lmao

  6. Who has dis time to waste? biko make him Park well.

  7. shuld try dis someday bt dis chiptole burrito no he for here... plus toy car in d pussy!? kilode!? wu I kill!?

  8. Okay ooo..
    My future hubby, where are you?
    Come and put a ring on it oooo
    This list dey sweet me for belle

  9. shuld try this smday... BT this chiptole burrito I nid to learn ow to do this myself first. toy car in the pussy!!! kilodem!! wu I kill!!

  10. Please what is Chipotle burrito?

    1. Miss Cute it's a Mexican form of Shawarma... I think! Lol

  11. Please post the next episode. Is almost a week already.

  12. Lolz Sassymom this is not how to make him wild it's how to turn your home to a comedy.


  13. Lol

    Please poSt the liSt for Nigerian men


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