Hello Guys,

Gosh it feels like ages mehn... pheww! Uhh i don't even know where to start apologizing from, i let you guys down and I'm deeply sorry for that. I let my private life take over my attention and i ignored you guys, the people that matter so much to me.

I cannot believe that some of you still remember to open this blog sef, some are still contacting me on whatsapp. Plz forgive me, i have been busy, i have been very distracted and perhaps i've been too lazy to write sef. But now i believe it's time to get back to doing what i love to do most... writing romantic stories for y'all.

So plz you all should try and forgive me cos i'm deeply sorry and try to come back home, I miss you all so much. But if you feel like cussing me out will make you feel better, no wahala... granted you'll come back to commenting after that. Thank you for reading and i still love you all.. *kisses*

Sassy mum 
Thanks for Visiting 


  1. Apology accepted. Welcome back!

  2. Awwww you're forgiven woman, have been a huge fan. Just don't disappear again ooh
    Welcome back

  3. finally!! Good to ve u back. jes dnt leave us hanging again

  4. Not forgiven....

  5. Welcome back dear. U ws a bit disappointed bt then i knw hw difficult it is shuffling between family and work. Is good to be bck. I miss Carina too. Hv been offline for a month now too.


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