To Love A Duke Chapter 9

Recap: Their wedding night... they made love till morning! Moving on...

[The next morning]

Damon woke up first and sat looking down at his beautiful wife for some minutes, his joy at this very moment knew no bounds! He brushed her silky hair softly with his fingers and she opened her eyes slowly, he smiled down at her and she smiled back..

"Morning Beautiful..!" He said to her..

"Morning to you too, have you been awake long?" She replied stiffling a yawn..

"Mhmm..but not that long.."

"Okay, so you've been watching me sleep?"

"Yes I have..!" He said, smiling again as she blushed crimson 

"Hope you like what you saw..?" 

"Oh yes i did.." he replied bending to kiss her but she pulled back, away from him.

He looked at her incredulously as he asked... "What?"

She flushed as she repied, "Umm.. I can't kiss you till I've brushed my teeth..!"

He stared at her for a while before he finally understood what she just said. Suddenly his face split into a charming smile before he roared with laughter at her silliness!

Elena was confused cos she didn't understand why he's laughing like that, so she kept quiet and watched him until he was done, then he sat still and motioned her to come closer to him.

"What?" She asked him..

"Come here..!" He beckoned.

When she didn't move, he moved towards her, grabbed her waist and lifted her gently until she was sitting on his lap, her legs straddling him.

"My love we are married you know? Which means we're one now, so it doesn't matter that you haven't brushed you teeth yet, we can kiss whenever and wherever we want! Understood?"

She nodded her head shyly, "Yes..!"

"Okay, now kiss me baby!"

She blushed but all the same, she bent her head and they kissed for a while until they heard a knock on his door. It was Ruth, informing them that her Lady's bathe water is ready. They thanked her and she left..

"Time to bathe my love..! We have to go down before your grandma comes up here to wake us up herself..!" He said..

She nodded as she got down from his lap slowly to stand up. She flinch when she did stand up and Damon rushed to her side immediately..

"Are you okay Elena?"

"Yes! Just a little sore.."

"Oh baby I'm so sorry, i was so carried away last night, i forgot it's your first time. Does it hurt a lot?"

"I'll be fine and stop apologizing, i wouldn't change a thing from what happened last night..!"

He chuckled loudly and gave her a sound kiss before he swooped her up in his arms and went to her room. He undressed her slowly and led her to the washroom, where he left her to go have his own bathe.

[Ten minutes Later]

They were both done with their bathe, dressed in their simple day wears and hand in hand, they headed downstairs for breakfast. 

Everyone was already seated and eating when they got there and they both joined them. Damon pulled out a chair for her so she could sit, then he sat at the head table next to Elena and said his greetings to everyone, likewise Elena.

The whole family gave them both knowing looks like they knew what they've been up to all night, making Elena blush hard and shift her gaze to Damon's face. 

He in turn winked at her and squeezed her hand under the table. That seemed to calm her nerves a bit, she gave him a blinding smile and dug into her food, obviously very hungry..

All through breakfast, Lord Adam Blackburn(Damon's best friend), who arrived the manor when he got news that Elena was missing, was sitted directly opposite Annabelle and they couldn't seem to take their eyes off each other.

It was almost like as if they've both forgotten they're not alone cos from time to time, the girls' grandma would subtly clear her throat to get them to focus but so far it hasn't worked for more than a minute before they both got back to it. 

Mirabelle was visibly mortified at her twin sister's boldness but knowing Anna like she does, she just knew that nothing she could do now would stop Anna from admiring this man she obviously liked, so she just left them alone and faced her food.

After breakfast, they all went to the parlour to sit, as they were all talking about politics and so many other topics, Damon suddenly cleared his throat and all eyes turned to him.. he smiled at his wife, took her hand as he started to talk..

"Well I'm glad i have all your attention now cos i have a huge announcement to make.."

Immediately Annabelle sat up straight in her chair and focused all her attention on the duke... "Please pray tell.."

Damon smiled at her before he continued, "Well it is my pleasure to inform you all that I've made all arrangements for our arrival..."

Anna didn't let him finish before she interrupted him again... "Our arrival? To where?"

Mirabelle gave her one of her stern looks as she said.."Annabelle please settle down, he'll tell us where, only if you'll stop interrupting him please..!"

Anna rolled her eyes at her sister as she mouthed the word, "Fine..!" Before she sat back down.

Damon chuckled before he continued, "Ladies and Gentleman, it is my pleasure to inform you that we are all going to London for The Season! It's time the ton met my lovely bride and her charming family..!"

Annabelle literally whooped in an unladylike manner, before she rushed Damon and hugged him tight. When she finally released him, she said..

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Damon! I've been waiting for this moment all my life! Time to waltz and meet the London society!! Ah I can't wait..!"

"You're welcome Annabelle.." replied Damon.

"Thank you my lord, that's really nice of you to do this for us." Said Elena.

"Elena, you're my duchess now, so yes i want to do all these and more for you all. Alright?"

She smiled shyly at him as she nodded.. "Okay Damon."

Mirabelle and Grandma in turn greeted him too.

Minutes later, Scott the butler came into the palour to announce that one Madame Danielle was here. Damon asked him to show her in.

"Damon who's this Madame Danielle and what's she doing here today?" Asked Elena

"Just wait and see love.." said the duke.

Just then Scott walked into the parlour, behind him a slim, older French woman. She was smiling as she bowed, greeting everyone in the room.

"My Lord, it's my pleasure to be here in your home. Thank you for inviting me.!" She said addressing the duke

"You are welcome in my home Madame, please sit while i introduce you."

Turning towards his family he said..

"Well my love, ladies, meet Madame Danielle... she's the modiste that i hired all the way from Paris. It seems she's the best because i worked really hard before i could hire her. She will take care of everything you'll wear for the season!"

This time it was Elena that spoke first.. "Goodness gracious Damon! This is just too much, thank you so much!"

"Nothing is too much for you and your family love.."

And in the next two weeks to follow, the girls, their grandma and Madame Danielle worked tirelessly day in, day out, on their gowns to be ready on time for their travel to London!


  1. Ha! Sassy mum!!!
    So this is how you ran away with our sweet story? Are you back now?


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