November 1, 2000. Somewhere In Nashville

Sasha Williams;

I stood in the rain, without an umbrella and barely listened as the minister went on and on with his preaching. He talked about how precious life is and reasons why we should endeavor to live good, pure, meaningful life like my mother had. 

I wanted to laugh at them, i wanted to look them all in their faces and spit on them. None of them had lifted a hand to help my mother, their sister, aunt, friend when she was alive.. now she's dead and they're all here shedding crocodile tears like they actually cared about her in life.

I can still remember how it all happened like yesterday, my dear father, Robert Adams had died of cardiac arrest when i was just 10 of age. He was very rich, the most wonderful boss to work for, a loving husband and a loving father. 

One day we got a call in the house that he had another attack at the office, before my mother got there he was already dead. We all mourned him.. everyone in our town mourned him, he was a great man, he was kind and brave and everything good.

Everything he had came to my dear mother, my beautiful selfless mother who loved everyone around her. She was so heartbroken after my father's death, she mourned him for months, my father was the love of her life, her soulmate. 

I was afraid that i might lose her too, then out of nowhere my daddy's best friend Mr Robert Williams swooped in and became her night in shining armour. He took care of her,cared for her, consoled her and loved her i thought. 

Unbeknownst to us, his main aim was my father's wealth. He took over the running of all my daddy's businesses, "Just until my mother recovers well enough to take over" he had said..

One year after my father's death, he proposed to my mother and she gladly accepted, she shone like the sun, she was happy and i was happy with her too because i didn't know my mother could ever have reason to smile ever again after my daddy's death.

I thought he was a good man and i tried to get along with him... i honestly did! But that was until the day i caught him with our then 20 year old maid Maria Juan having sex in his study, my daddy's study just two years after wedding my mother. 

I had gasped out loud and ran out to my room, but he was close behind me because before i could bang the door shut, he blocked it with his foot and pushed me inside, he had come inside and had banged the door shut behind him. The look i saw in his eyes that day made my skin to crawl, it had an evil glint and that night he wasn't smiling.

"I presume you know better to keep your mouth shut about what you just saw! We both know your mother is not a very strong woman and such news will only break her, and we both know she won't believe you over me because she loves me. So save yourself the stress and keep shut..!" 

Those had been his words to me before he turned around and left banging the door shut in his wake..  I was just 13, afraid and confused. But i knew that i didn't want to lose my mom like i lost my dad. So i never told her what happened till she died. How i wish i had! Maybe, just maybe it could have saved her somehow.

After that episode, it seemed he got uncomfortable with me around, so he cajoled my mom into sending me off to a boarding school far away from home, i didn't know what was really going on with them at home. But each time i got home, i noticed my mother had one bruise or another either on her arm or her leg and sometimes her face.

She wouldn't tell me what was going on, she'd lie and say it was an accident. 4 years later i was done with high school and i finally came home, i was 17 now and i could no longer be deceived by my mother's lies. 

That evil man is a drunk and has been cheating on my mother to her face. He hit her too when she complained until she stopped complaining and just continued living like that; in pain and misery. 

I remember crying and begging her to leave him but she wouldn't, she's so fragile and she was afraid of being alone again. So she continued enduring, begging me not to call the police on him...according to her, she was sure he'll change with time. And she has to stay cos she loves him! Love indeed

I hated my mother for being such a weakling and in anger i left home again for college. 4 years later now 21, i got out with a degree in business administration with very good grades. I didn't let my beauty nor my mother's problems get to my head, i was determined to make it and i did. 

I hadn't spoken to my mother for years and i really missed her. So i made up my mind to go see her after my graduation party. Unfortunately the morning after my graduation, i got a call from home that my mother has been hospitalized and has been asking for me.

In tears i rushed home only to see a ghost, the beautiful, vibrant woman i knew as my mother was gone! And in her place, a frail looking creature who didn't look anything like her. I cried out at the sight and rushed to her side, i held her small, cold hands and cried. She opened her eyes and managed to smile;

"Oh it's you baby, i'm so glad you finally came home.." she had said

"I'm so sorry mother, i'm so sorry i wasn't here for you. I should've been here,  i should've done something to protect you from that man. Please forgive me mother..." I had said with tears rolling down my face

She had squeezed my hand softly.. "It's okay child, you are the one that should forgive me cos i didn't listen to you. I should've listened when you begged me to leave him, i'm sorry i didn't listen. Please don't blame yourself for this i beg you.."

"How was school?" She managed to ask 

"Oh mother, school wad great. It was rhe most exciting time of my life and u graduated with good grades.."

"Oh darling, i'm so proud of you. I'm sure your daddy wherever he is will be proud of you too.."

"What happened to you mother? What did he do to you..?"

"Oh child, a lot has happened since you left and i don't have to strength to talk about them all. Just that i finally realized that the man i married is nothing but a beast who didn't care for me but just my money. And now it's too late..." she said swallowing in pain

"Too late? Mother what do u mean by that?" I had asked, confused. 

"I have made some terrible decisions in my life, some which will hurt you in the future. Some bad decisions i made, i did cod u thought i was protecting you but i don't know how to correct it now, it's just too late. Please be strong my child, be strong.."

"Mother what do you mean by all this words you're saying?" 

But before she could reply, i heard the machines start beeping, i rushed out to call the nurse and before we got there, she was dead. My mother had died of Consumption at 56yrs of age. I felt so alone in the world and i blamed myself for leaving home at all


"In loving Memory, here lies Mrs Bethany Williams. Loving mother, loving wife, loving sister and friend. Rest in peace beautiful one, you'll be missed"

I kept staring at her headstone, reading those words over and over again until the funeral was over. I still couldn't believe she's gone! We all went to the house and i sat still as guests came to pay their condolences, i didn't want to be here with all these people. I just want to be alone to mourn my mother in peace!

Thankfully it was all over and i heaved a huge sigh of relief as i walked slowly upstairs to my room to rest my head. I washed my face with cold water in the bathroom, didn't even bother bathing or changing my funeral dress before i snuggled up in my bed and slept off. I didn't want to think. I just wanted to sleep and thankfully i did. 


I was in my room thinking about my life and the next steps to take when i heard a knock on my bedroom door. Who could it be again?

"Come in.." I called out

I watched as the door opened slowly and one of my aunts came inside. I stared at her in disdain and she averted her gaze as she said,

"Sasha, i've been sent to call you to come downstairs, the lawyer is here to read the Will.." she said while still looking away 

"I will be downstairs shortly, thank you.." i replied curtly

She nodded and left, i got up from my my bed, strengthened up my rumpled dress and followed her out. When i got to the parlour, i saw everyone already seated, my evil stepfather and the lawyer as well. I found an empty chair far away from all of them, i sat down and the lawyer Mr Harold Banks, began talking. 

"Hello everyone, i'm sorry for your loss. Especially to you Ms Williams and Mr Williams. This is your mother's and wife's Will, she was of sound health and mind when she wrote this. And i read;

He started by calling out our workers and relatives, giving them all small properties here and there. Finally he called my name from the Will and i sat up straighter in my chair..

"And to my only child, Sasha Williams i give everything i have, my late husband's properties, her father. All my jewellries, estates, town houses, the house we currently live and all my landed properties!"

I heard gasps all around me, i saw shocked faces, i saw an evil glint in my stepfather's eyes and i laughed inside but my joy was short-lived as the lawyer continued..

"But on the condition that she will be up to 25 before she can fully inherit all. Till then, she'll have to let her stepfather, my husband guide her in the affairs of the business and also be her guardian until she's 25!"

The lawyer raised his eyes to us all and said, "And that's all of it, i hope it was clear to everyone?"

"Oh yes it was Mr Harold, thank you for coming.." my stepfather said and got up to shake hands with him 

"No! No! No!" I screamed at them and they all turned back to stare at me. "No i won't accept this, i am 21, an adult, i don't need a guardian, lest of all Him!" I pointed towards my stepfather in disgust

"I'm a graduate, i can make my own decisions now, i don't need him!" I spat at them

"I'm sorry Ms Williams, it was your mother's wish and until you're 25, there's nothing i can do for you! Good day to you all.." He said he left.

I turned my angry gaze at my stepfather as i raged on.. "It's you, of course. It has always been you! You destroyed my mother's life, now you want to destroy mine as well but i won't let you. I'll fight you for this, every step of the way, i won't let you use me like you used my mother, no i won't..!"

He smirked at me.. "Child go take a nap or something, it's done and throwing tantrums won't help you!" He turned and left

"Don't you ever call me a child again, my name is Sasha you evil man!" I shouted to his retreating back and i heard him laugh in glee.

I ran upstairs and banged my door shut, tears of anger and frustration started pouring down my face. 

"Oh mother why did you do this? So this is what you meant when you said some of your decisions will hurt me in future? What do i do now? Oh God!!!"


I was still in shock and in a confused state over the Will reading, i decided to take a ride around town to clear my head. I stopped at a bar and had a few drinks before i left for home, it was quite late when i got to the house and i didn't expect anybody to still be awake.

I was on my way to my room when i heard some whisperings in the study. I quietly tiptoed closer to the slightly open door and put my ear to listen. 

I saw my stepfather sitting talking to a heavily built man whom i couldn't see his face. They were both deep in conversation and i strained to listen and i could only hear these few words like..

"You need to get rid of her quietly, make it look like an accident, be careful and i don't want this coming back at me. I will pay you 100,000 dollars if you're successful. Can you do that?" These words were said by my stepfather.

I was speechless, i didn't need to be a detective to know they were talking about me, he wantede dead! Is he that desperate?" I silently asked myself as i tiptoed to my room

I knew i'm not safe here, i don't have any ally, no evidence to give to the police that he actually said those words, and telling them might even put me in more danger than i already am.

So i did the only thing i could possibly think of doing at that moment, i snuck into my mother's room, picked up a handful of her expensive jewellries, packed a small bag, my passport, my certificate and everything valuable to me and ran! Far, far away from Nashville, never looking back.

To Be Continued..
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